Christmas Around The World ESL Worksheets Free

Christmas Around the World ESL worksheets free: these activities will be perfect for your newcomer ESL students. 

There are some holidays that we don’t necessarily need to make activities for but for Christmas – it’s not an option! 😉 These fun Christmas around the world Worksheets will get your ESL students motivated to LEARN all about Christmas traditions around the world.

Please note: scroll to the bottom to the download link to the FREEBIE, if you’re looking for the full pack, head HERE.
Who wouldn’t love to learn about interesting facts like the hidden Christmas ‘pickle ornament’ or the Ukrainian spider webs on the Christmas tree? Read more HERE.
These fun activities will help ESL students with their reading comprehension skills, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and writing.
The bundle includes several different activities which covers the skills above.
The writing prompts (like the one above about New York) will include some creative prompts which help ESL students imagine their story before they write it.
Use these fun vocabulary flashcards in a fun way with a pocket chart. Cut the words apart from the pictures and have ESL students match the words with the pictures – if your ESL students are beginners this will work especially well. Check out this FLAHSCARDS bundle if you’re looking for a variety of themes for flashcards.
ESL students especially love these games with flashcards:
  • memory games (print two sets of the same flashcards for a fun memory match game)
  • hunt (around the room), find and write the flashcard
  • pictionary (students will ‘act out’ the card without saying any words so that their peers will take guesses).
The picture prompts included in this pack have 4 sets of pictures of famous landmarks in each country. Students will choose a picture at random and then write about what they see.

Students love developing their writing by using these fun picture prompts. Encourage them to develop original story lines.
This kindness project above will be a HIT with your students. They will LOVE to see how many ‘good deeds’ they can do within the week.
How to play:
  • Print as many sets as you need for the whole class (there are 10 bracelets on one page) – choose either the B&W or COLOR option.
  • Have the students roll a die, they take the matching bracelet of whichever number they landed on. They wear this bracelet until they complete their good deed.
  • You can repeat this activity each week so that every student has a go at least 4 good deeds. 😉

Ready to DOWNLOAD your freebie?
Please note that the freebie only includes 3 sets of activities (9 vocabulary flashcards, verbs and nouns sorting interactive notebook and a reading comprehension Christmas around the world activity about Italy), if you would like the full package, head to the link HERE to check out Christmas Around the World ESL Reading Comprehension Activities.
Before you download this free pack, you agree to the following:
  • This set is for personal / classroom use only.
  • All clip-art used in this pack are used with permission.
  • This printable may not be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system.
  • All materials on this website are copyright protected.
  • You may not distribute this resource to a large number of teachers / personnel. Please refer them to this website to download their own copy.

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