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Reading Text: Growth of a Giant Pumpkin - Printable and Digital Activity for ESL Teachers

Are you an ESL teacher looking for engaging resources to help your students improve their English reading skills while having fun? Look no further! We've got an exciting activity centered around the theme of "The Growth of a Giant Pumpkin" that combines both printable and digital elements to keep your students motivated and learning.

Reading Text Printable Activity:

Start by providing your students with a printable text about the growth of a giant pumpkin. This text should be at an appropriate reading level for your students, ensuring comprehension and vocabulary development. 

You can easily find or create texts that suit your students' needs. Encourage them to read it carefully and underline any unfamiliar words.

In a small town, there is a cosy pumpkin farm. The farmer, Jack, looks after his pumpkin patch with care. Each day, he waters the pumpkins and checks for any insects.

As fall arrives, the pumpkins begin to ripen. They turn from green to a shade of orange. Jack knows it's time to harvest them.

He carefully chooses the biggest pumpkin for the town's yearly pumpkin festival. The people admire the giant pumpkin, how large it is.

During the festival, children giggle as they try to guess its weight. Families take photos near it, making memories.

After the festival, Jack invites friends over. They carve faces into pumpkins, lighting them up with candles. Some pumpkins look really funny. They laugh as they share stories around the glowing pumpkins.

As the night comes to an end, Jack looks at his pumpkins feeling proud. They bring happiness and fun to his town, reminding everyone of the simple joys of fall.

Reading Text ESL Pumpkins Digital Activity:

Now, it's time to embrace technology! 

Create a digital exercise related to the reading text. For instance, design a fill-in-the-blanks activity using an online platform or document editor. 

Include some of the underlined words from the text as gaps in the sentences. This encourages students to apply their newly acquired vocabulary.

Here's a digital version on Wordwall:

Dialogue Exercise:

To reinforce comprehension and conversation skills, craft a dialogue between two characters discussing the giant pumpkin's growth. 

Have your students read and act out the dialogue in pairs or small groups. You can even assign roles and encourage creativity by allowing them to make minor changes to the dialogue.

Customer (C): Good afternoon! I'm looking for a pumpkin for Halloween. Can you help me find one?

Shopkeeper (S): Of course! We have a nice selection of pumpkins right here. What size are you looking for?

C: I need a medium-sized one, not too big, but not too small either.

S: Great choice! We have some lovely medium-sized pumpkins right here. Do you prefer any specific shape or color?

C: I think a round, orange one would be perfect. And it should be fresh, of course.

S: No problem. All our pumpkins are fresh from the patch. How about this one? It's a nice round shape and a vibrant orange color.

C: That looks perfect! How much does it cost?

S: For a medium-sized pumpkin like this, it's $5. Is that okay with you?

C: That sounds fair. I'll take it. Also, do you have any carving tools and candles for jack-o'-lanterns?

S: Absolutely! We have carving kits and candles right over there. Anything else you need?

C: That should be it. Thanks for your help!

S: You're welcome! Enjoy carving your pumpkin and have a fantastic Halloween!

Why This Activity Works:

1. Contextual Learning: The theme of growing a giant pumpkin provides context for new vocabulary, making it easier for students to understand and retain.

 2. Multi-Modal Learning: Combining print and digital activities caters to different learning styles and keeps students engaged.

3. Interactive Practice: The dialogue exercise fosters speaking and listening skills, encouraging students to use the new vocabulary in real conversations.

 4. Fun Factor:Pumpkins and autumn themes are generally fun and enjoyable, creating a positive learning experience.

If looking for the digital version of the dialogue, it's right here. I would get my students to practice this dialogue after completing it too. 

Remember to adjust the difficulty level of the text and the complexity of the digital and dialogue activities based on your students' proficiency. 

This "Growth of a Giant Pumpkin" activity is not only educational but also a great way to embrace the fall season and its traditions, making learning English more relevant and exciting for ESL students.

 Happy teaching!

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