Listening Conversation Operating Washer and Dryer Printable Activities!

It's so important for ESL students to learn how to use the washer and dryer and not just those machines but really, any machine that requires pressing buttons to make them work. ESL students will find this activity so engaging. They will work on their listening and speaking skills while they complete the activities in this pack!

Listening Conversation Practice for ESL learners

Creating an environment where students can practice their listening skills is so important. Here are some techniques you can use to be sure that your ESL adult learners are engaging in listening and speaking in class.

  • Provide lots and lots of opportunities to talk (games, discussions etc)
  • Provide lots and lots of example listening audio conversations. There are so many on the internet but finding good ones can be difficult. I will share some on the blog soon so you don't have to look for them.
  • Practice conversations and role plays in pairs. 

Listening Conversation Operating the Washer and Dryer

Students will love these activities, print the activity you would like to work on. Work on common vocabulary words that are found in the task and be sure that your ELLs understand it first. Don't hand out the worksheet just yet. Have the students listen to the audio first without writing anything. Then they can answer the first true and false questions.

Check to see if the students did those correctly. If they had trouble understanding the questions, you can explain them in class. I find that after I explain the vocabulary words, my ESL students find it less difficult to understand the audio. 

Listening Conversations GROWING Bundle

If you're looking for a bundle of these listening conversation activities - you can get the bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers at a 50% discount + FREE updates and additions to the bundle. :)

Another important note, be sure to tell your ESL students that they don't need to understand every single word in th audio text for them to understand the full audio. Some of my ESL students struggle with this, so I make sure they know this. They will be less stressed about trying to understand every word in the audio and therefore won't panic if they hear a word that confuses them. 

There is also a QR code version of the printable in case you wish to print and use that one. Have the students scan the code to listen to the audio on their phones.


Listening Conversation Operating Washer and Dryer

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