Irregular Verbs Past Tense Gold Pot Board Game for ESL Students

Have fun with your ESL students in this fun Irregular Verbs Past Tense Gold Pot Board Game! Students will need to match sentences to the corresponding past tense irregular verbs with counters and try to trap the 'pot of gold'. It's a great game to be played during the month of March but it can be played anytime of year.

ESL students need lots and lots of practice and exposure to irregular verbs. One of my favourite games in class is to use verb board games.

Grab your free printable inside!

Irregular Verbs Past Tense Activity

This super simple game is easy to setup and play. Here is what you will need:

  • coloured counters (1 colour for each player)
  • irregular verbs past tense board game pdf (below)
  • recording response sheet (below)
How to play:

It's best to have two to three students on one board game. Have each player start by covering a hexagon that includes a sentence with a coloured counter, read the sentence then find the correspond past tense verb on another hexagon and cover it. They keep taking turns until one player 'traps' the pot of gold, so all the hexagons around the pot of gold are covered. 

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Differentiating this activity is easy

If you find that some students need more support, have them join two other students who are more likely to help them throughout the game. I would also get those students to write the sentences along with the verbs for further practice.

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