CVC Words Flashcards with Pictures for ESL Learners

Looking for some super fun ways to incorporate CVC words? This CVC Words Flashcards includes images on each slide for students to connect the CVC word with the meaning. This includes 42 CVC words! Download your copy below. 

Some of the first words students learn are CVC words, whether they are young or mature learners. Learning to segment and connect the vowel sounds within each word is so important for ESL learners. 

There are so many ways to use this printable PDF, I will outline a few below. 

CVC Words Activities

If you're looking for more activities to practice CVC words, check out this editable printable booklet made for spelling which you can fill with ANY words, add your CVC words and have the students hunt for the cvc words, find a word, write and trace their words. The best part about this booklet is that it is editable and you could use it year on year! 

CVC Word Cards Free Printable PDF

One way to use these cards is to print them out and have the students read them while pointing to each letter on the CVC word card. Pointing to each letter will help ESL students with beginning letter sounds and blending letter sounds to make words too. 

Most ESL students struggle with short vowel sounds, these cards are bright, large and easy to understand which makes students absolutely love to work with them 

Another way to use these cards is to display them on the board digitally, are you teaching via distance this year? We are, so I plan to use this with my students to reinforce CVC words and CVC short vowel sounds. 

Free CVC Words Worksheets

Ready to download your copy? 

>> Click here to download your copy of CVC Words Flashcards ESL Learners. <<

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