Letter Games for Adults with Flashcards

Looking for some fun and easy letter games for adults? It's not easy to find games that are suitable for ESL adult learners, and I find that most games include pictures that aren't suitable for mature learners. This super fun list of alphabet games will be a hit with your students! Read on to learn super fun ways to practice alphabet letter sound fluency without resorting to childlike activities. 

Letter Games for Adults

Letter Games for Adults Simple and FUN!

Alphabet Letter Call Out

This game is so easy! Explain that you will divide the class into two groups. You will write a letter on the board and they will need to give you the next letter in alphabetical order. 

You will add a point for each group who gets it right, they continue this until all the letters have been done. 

How Fast Can you Type the ABCs

This game is short and simple, have the students use a computer or their mobile phones for this. Tell them you will set a timer, then they will need to type the alphabet letters in order in their notes app on the phone. The student who types the letters faster wins the game!

Alphabet Bingo Game

Use a worksheet maker like this bingo worksheet maker and play the alphabet bingo game! Bonus if you could also have them use bingo or dot markers. 

Alphabet Letter Sounds Worksheet Game

This game is super simple and it involves getting your hands on this free letter games for adults worksheet available below. The bonus with this activity is to get students matching the letter and letter sounds (pictures). Have them completing the worksheet as a timed activity or as a full class. 

Flash and Say

This letter game for adults involves the use of flashcards. Use flashcards to show the students the letter on the card, then wait for their response. This works best with beginner English classes. Need a set of flashcards for the year? I use these flashcards year on year. I've laminated them and I have them in ring binders for continuous use. I also use them throughout online or virtual teaching which was a great tool!

Ready to download your own copy of this letter game for adults worksheet?

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